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A program designed to elevate the skill and performance of our student athletes. You must be evaluated and selected to join this program. Our focus is developing superior football players, while increasing their collegiate and career opportunities. Additionally, acts as a mentorship program; our team of experienced coaches are dedicated to encouraging athletes to pursue excellence on and off the field.

This prestigious group has produced countless scholarship-recipient athletes, along with NFL pros. Commitment and consistency will be mandatory in this program. 

The program is year around working in 3 phases. Only a limited amount of athletes are admitted. It Includes Field Work, Film Study, Recruiting, Speed Work, Leadership, and 7v7 Components.  


Field Work – Every athlete should master exceptional footwork and conditioning. We will also fine tune the details of each technique and use our time on the field to apply them.


Speed Work  – Our unique curriculum rapidly improves speed and agility. This is essential to any athlete at any level. 


Film Study – Participants will be taught how to effectively analyze film in order to (1) evaluate personal performance and identify areas of opportunity and 2) examine their opponent’s behavior & technique.


7v7 – Component we use to develop the skill-set to be elite through practices and tournaments. We believe these Tournaments are a measure for us to determine if our athletes trust their technique. 


Recruiting –This element has no exact science and promises cannot made in regards to scholarships. The key is understanding the recruiting process, so our commitment is to educate both athlete and parents to ensure we give our athletes the best chance possible.


Leadership – While leadership is often referred to as a “have it” or “don’t have it” quality, we believe it’s a dynamic skill that must be developed and is vital to young men on and off the field.


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